NeonJax's Commissions

Thank you for checking out my commissions page. I'm an illustrator that specializes in character art.

Commission Types

Cel Shading

Additional Characters - $65 (Max 2)

  • Icons/Busts - $50

  • Portrait - $65

  • Full Body - $85

Rendered Shading

Additional Characters - $75 (Max 2)

  • Icons/Busts - $60

  • Portrait - $75

  • Full Body - $100


  • $30 each

  • $110 - For four

Sets of four must be purchased at once.

Current commission progress can be tracked at my Trello page.

Submit Requests HERE.

Terms of Service

  • You must have either a reference image or mood board.

  • Payment is done through PayPal Invoices.

  • All prices are USD.

  • Pieces are for personal use only. Commerical pieces will come with additional fees.

  • The commission is done in stages (sketch -> lineart -> flat color -> shading)

  • Payment is due once the sketch stage is approved.

  • Any changes to the pose/expression/look of the character have to come before the sketch is approved for the line art stage.

  • Any changes to color choices have to come before the flat colors are approved for the shading stage.

  • You will receive an email letting you know if your request has been accepted.

  • Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

  • No refunds after the sketch is approved.

  • If you post your commission on social media, you must credit and tag me.

Will Draw

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • Real People

  • Ship Art

  • Light Armor (Depending on complexity of design, the price of commission might go up).

  • Slight NSFW. No nudity.

Won't Draw

  • Mecha

  • 18+ Art

  • Gore